Creative Innovative Concepts for the Food Industry

"We make buy products out of by-products."

Q. What do Steak-umms™, KFCs Popcorn Chicken™, Spare the Ribs™, Bojangles Buffalo Bites™, and the N.C.B.A's Beef Value Cuts (Flat Iron Steak, Petite Tenders and Ranch Steaks) have in common?

A. We created them using the under-utilized, excess raw materials that had minimal value and transformed them into new and highly profitable and often patentable products.

•Our expertise is in helping to solve the problem that every company has - how to add value to under-utilized raw materials.

•Our products are recognized nationally and even globally.

•Our 50 years of experience in creating value-added products = High return/low-cost marketable products for our clients.

•Creativators has pioneered the development of a broad range of innovative products from red meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, etc. We originated the beef value cuts for the N.C.B.A.

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